Efficient Students

Happy Parents

Successful Teachers

Innovative Cognitive Program for Brain Training and Experiential Learning:

Efficient work and learning
Focused listening and participation
Positive attitude towards school
The programs are adapted for use in educational support, physical education, and extracurricular activities.
Efficient learning and homework
Trainees get the ability to maintain focus for long-lasting learning activities. Less reluctance and more responsibility when it comes to homework.

Focused listening and in-class participation (self-regulation)
Neurobeans trainings enable better control over internal impulses (inhibition), which makes following classes and active participation much easier.

Setting goals and achieving them/results
By setting goals and following their progress, trainees learn how their actions, strategies, and mood impact their results. Through this, they learn the importance of finding the optimal performance process.

Monitoring results with analytics/Monitoring results analytically
Trainings get graded in the Neurobeans app. The app offers simple and accurate monitoring of the trainee’s progress and individual directions.
Online or face to face
Because the Neurobeans program is completely digitally supported, it can be performed exactly the same either online or face-to-face.

Individual training for pupils with learning difficulties/disabilities (educational support)
Boosting efficiency is important/necessary for pupils with learning difficulties. This is why the Neurobeans program is adapted for use in professional educational support as an addition to individual consultations (lasts 15 minutes).

Group training for extracurricular activities
Brain training at the start of the schoolyear or a boost in mental power during the year is a sure way to make the pupils efficient, the parents happy, and the teachers successful.

Experts opinion about the method

Brain training exercises are a new and interesting approach for children to acquire control of emotional, behavioural, and mental states through mind games (playful and challenging mental exercises) which are not directly connected to classroom-like learning. Control in these kinds of states contributes to more effective learning in the school or home setting, and to greater motivation for learning.
Ljubica Marjanovič Umek, PhD
developmental psychologist
Read the full developmental psychology evaluation/assessment

Parents’ reports on the effects of the Neurobeans training

Longer attention span, better focus. We’re very happy that our Ina took part in this course. It was a new experience for all of us. Ina was very happy and proud when she saw how much she has improved in many areas. The training and constant feedback give children a boost in self-confidence.
parent of 8th grade pupil
More independence, she tries to do much more on her own. Her self-confidence is better, she’s more autonomous. She is much more efficient.
parent of 8th grade pupil
She understands instructions better, she’s more independent and responsible. A great program for improving concentration when executing/performing any task.
parent of 8th grade pupil
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Use in Elementary Schools

Neurobeans was developed in collaboration with elementary schools. The program is specially designed for ease of use in professional educational support and extra/supplementary classes on the topics of learning, self-regulation, and formative monitoring.

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Education packages, Neurobeans licence, and 12-month rental of tools/accessories

Individual licence for professional workers – for professional education support
  • 1x Neurobeans tool
  • 1x Access to Neurobeans platform
  • Access to mobile app for an unlimited number of trainees
  • 1x accreditive education/workshop for one person (16 hours)
350 €
(for first year)

Licence renewal, yearly seminar and 1-year access to the Neurobeans platform– 120€ per year.

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Group licence for teachers and professional workers – for professional education support or supplementary classes
  • 10x Neurobeans tool (12-month rental)
  • 1x Access to Neurobeans platform
  • Access to mobile app for an unlimited number of trainees
  • 1x accreditive education/workshop for up to 5 teachers (16 hours)
1500 €
(for first year)

Licence renewal, yearly seminar, tool rental, and 1-year access to the Neurobeans platform – 600€ per year

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Custom licence
  • Custom number of tools
  • Access to Neurobeans platform for any number of teachers
  • Access to mobile app for an unlimited number of trainees
  • 1x accreditive education/workshop for any number of teachers (16 hours)
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Accreditive education program

A teacher of professional worker must complete a 16-hour education about cognitive training before beginning with the Neurobeans program. The education is comprised of a theoretical part (4 hours) and a practical part (12 hours). This education is crucial for teachers to get directly familiarized/acquainted with the training and methods, which will result in effective teaching and great results.
Program izobraževanje je akreditiran po sistemu 
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