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How was the Neurobeans Method Designed?

Neurobeans was created based on studies and existing methods for attention training. The best known and most studied methods in this area come from meditation. The problem with these methods is that they are very static and the user does not receive feedback on their progress. To measure progress,
one should be able to detect when a thought occurs in the brain. This is virtually impossible without measuring the complex brain activity due to the non-material nature of thought. Neurobeans solves this problem in an innovative way by using a special method consisting of performing unique exercises and measuring the time it takes to do them.


Effectively use 100%
of your brain power

Successful performance in any goal-directed activity depends on how much brain capacity is dedicated to a task. An average pupil or adult dedicates only a part of their brain capacity to the activity at hand – the remaining part being dedicated to random thoughts and impulses.

We think about how our back hurts, how hungry we are, how the task we are working on is boring, etc. Today, the brain capacities for steady focusing on a single task are much lower than in the past. This is because of our modern up-tempo lifestyle, unlimited information load and multitasking. The consequences are unner-achievement in important areas like school, work or sport.

The Neurobeans training makes it possible to look into your brain’s performance during a task. It offers a systematic training for boosting these capacities.

The structure of Neurobeans Training

The trainee receives a Neurobeans tool and access to the Neurobeans mobile app. The training can be done anywhere and anytime with minimum space requirements. The programme is monitored by a qualified Neurobeans cognitive trainer who helps you achieve your desired goals.

A single session lasts 15 to 30 minutes and includes:

Setting up
of results

Achieving measurable progress requires 6 to 8 weeks of training. The length depends on individual goals and prior cognitive abilities.

Would you like to improve your results or your child’s results in school or sport?

Would you like to train your capabilities of performing mentally challenging tasks?

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