What do expert think about Neurobeans Method

Expert participants who completed the Neurobeans training were asked for their opinion:

Neurobeans strengthened my belief that I can improve even when I thought that there was no way. It gave me an opportunity to develop my abilities, to sense and influence/effect my thoughts, and consequently my behaviour. I can generalize these changes and discoveries to other aspects of my life. You can improve the abilities you already have, and even potential ones which seemingly do not have anything to do with the training or prior aptitudes.
Marija Mohar,
It is a great tool for getting to know oneself better, and leads to an "I know I can do it" mentality. If a colleague of mine would try out this program, they could perhaps better understand the struggles of special-needs pupils.
Andreja Rop,
additional professional assistance teacher
Using the Neurobeans program, an individual can learn to block automatic/intrusive thoughts and to put more focus on the task at hand. Because the training lasts some time, every participant is faced with fluctuations in motivation levels/with swings in their motivation levels. This offers great potential for improving one's endurance and for getting to know oneself better. The training is supported/backed up by a mobile app which gives constant feedback throughout the course and helps the participant with their progress.
Andreja Petrovčič,
Neurobeans is an exercise which entails/encompasses/combines several important steps which are vital for progress (memory, concentration, full-body coordination, perseverance/persistence/endurance, focus on the task at hand, targeting, fun etc.). The most important aspect of the program is that pupils get to compete with themselves – not with others – and that they may expand beyond their prior personal boundaries.
Maja Habicht Gorički,
There are countless pupils with attention deficit disorders and hyperactivity who would benefit greatly from such a program. The training is designed/devised as a "game," an activity which involves movement that can further motivate pupils to carry out or begin with the training.
Karin Kovačič,
social pedagogue
Metoda Neurobeans je za uporabo v osnovnih šolah izvrstna zato, ker omogoča voden razvoj metazavedanja in samozavedanja tako trenerjem, kot trenirancem. Odpira pogled v delovanje in navade posameznika ter omogoča učinkovito načrtovanje ter spremljanje lastnih ciljev in napredka. Skozi enostavno in uporabniku prijazno orodje daje konkretno, oprijemljivo povratno informacijo in omogoča soočanje posameznika s samim seboj. Izkušnja je prenosljiva tudi na ostala življenjska področja in jo je možno razširiti v dobrobit samorazvoja in napredka v vseh pogledih. Če bi pisala v jeziku sarkazma, bi zagotovo rekla, naj se tisti, ki ne želijo sprememb, rabe metode Neurobeans ognejo v velikem loku...
Maruša Gajić,
socialna pedagoginja
The Neurobeans program/method is excellent for use in elementary schools because it enables a guided development of meta-awareness and self-awareness for trainers and trainees alike. It highlights an individual's workings and habits and (subsequently) enables effective planning and monitoring of one's goals and progress. Using an accessible and user-friendly tool, the program gives concrete and tangible feedback, which enables the participant to challenge/face up to themself. The experience is transferable to other areas of life and it can be expanded to benefit personal growth and progress in all aspects of life. Sarcastically speaking, those who don't like change should not come close to the Neurobeans program.
Maruša Gajić,
social pedagogue
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