About Us

The Neurobeans brand is led by dedicated/committed cognitive trainers and teachers. We want to help children, pupils, and students with achieving their goals!

A practical approach and deep knowledge – we care sincerely and we develop our brand with all our heart.

Our goal is to help with development and improvement of cognitive, learning, and motor abilities of children and youths. Every person has their unique potential, but it may be difficult to develop it in full. Our goal is to help overcome the obstacles on the path of tapping this potential. We do not like empty promises, so this is why we base our work on scientific methods and measurable results.
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The Team

Gregor Bohnec
Cognitive Trainer and Innovator
With 12 years of experience in development and practice of cognitive trainings, contemplative methods and meditation, Gregor designed Neurobeans, a unique cognitive training program, on the basis of contemporary studies, personal experience with cognitive training, and insight into the work of the human brain.
Jasna Bohnec
Social Pedagogue
15 years’ experience in research and work with children with special needs. Devised/created original methods for helping children through play. Works as a counsellor in kindergarten/preschool, and as a teacher for professional educational support.
Ivana Katarina Milinković
Multimedia designer
co-designs and creates the beautiful look of the Neurobeans brand.

Neurobeans Tool Production Values and Standards/Principles

We support local production and they support us

Despite slightly higher costs, we make use of local production – our tools are made in smaller local craft workshops. We strive for keeping up local value chains, and we support the development of local expertise and small-series production.

Nature Preservation or Environmentally Friendly and Conscious or Friendly to the Environment

Because we want to live in an environment with clean waters, dense green forests, and undisturbed wildlife, we strive to use as little natural resources as possible. 100% of the materials used at Neurobeans comes from renewable sources. The Neurobeans tool is made of wood, and painted with natural colours. Because we buy too much in today’s world of consumption (and sometimes not even use the product), we made the choice to only rent out the Neurobeans tools. This will make sure that each product made from natural sources will be used by many people.

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