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In 6 weeks, our participants improved their

Attention span
42,91 %
Motor skills
30 %
Peak performance flow
65,75 %

What is Neurobeans?

Neurobeans is a brain training method for adolescents to improve their abilities to perform efficiently in school, at the workplace or in sport. It is a combination of movement and brain exercises, which stimulates achieving top-notch effectiveness and efficiency in a simple, easy and fun way.

In just 6 weeks you develop

Start with the Neurobeans training

What the pupils have to say about the Neurobeans program

I like pretty much everything about it. Neurobeans is a tool which can help you with anything. It can help you with your grades and help you concentrate better at any important task (school or extracurricular activities). After completing my Neurobeans course, I can say that it works. I would recommend the course to anyone who struggles even a little with achieving their goals. Of course, you have to put in the work; you have to follow the rules and do the training regularly (as well as some extra tasks which are in the program). But after that, achieving your goals will become much easier.
8th grade
I found the Neurobeans program great. I would recommend it to anyone because you learn a lot about the learning process, which will come in handy forever. You (greatly) improve your concentration and motor skills because you perform a lot of small movements during the exercise. This is why I would recommend Neurobeans to others.
8th grade
f I’d have to point out one benefit only, I would say that it makes learning much easier. I think the training would benefit people who have trouble learning, or people who learn a lot but don’t know how to use that knowledge.
8th grade
I would say it helped me most with concentration. Focusing on the training and on the colours of the beans got much easier as the program went on. I would recommend Neurobeans to other pupils because the training is interesting, and because you can see benefits even after completing the course.
8th grade
I think the Neurobeans program works best for learning how to be persistent and to give a boost in motivation, because you need to try hard/make an effort in every session, no matter the results. I would recommend the Neurobeans program, because it does not take much time, and you don’t need much space but you still get a lot from it.
8th grade
I’d like to point out that the training helped me greatly with my concentration. For example, I hate maths, and I always struggled with keeping my focus when learning it. But Neurobeans made my attention span much bigger, and now I can study maths much longer and with ease. I recommend the course to anyone, because it would help them with their memory and their concentration levels at work. The training can be very fun and very helpful with any kind of work.
8th grade
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Experts opinion about the method

Brain training exercises are a new and interesting approach for children to acquire control of emotional, behavioural, and mental states through mind games (playful and challenging mental exercises) which are not directly connected to classroom-like learning. Control in these kinds of states contributes to more effective learning in the school or home setting, and to greater motivation for learning.
Ljubica Marjanovič Umek, PhD,
developmental psychologist
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Parents’ reports on the effects of the Neurobeans training

Longer attention span, better focus. We’re very happy that our Ina took part in this course. It was a new experience for all of us. Ina was very happy and proud when she saw how much she has improved in many areas. The training and constant feedback give children a boost in self-confidence.
parent of 8th grade pupil
More independence, she tries to do much more on her own. Her self-confidence is better, she’s more autonomous. She is much more efficient.
parent of 8th grade pupil
She understands instructions better, she’s more independent and responsible. A great program for improving concentration when executing/performing any task.
parent of 8th grade pupil
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How many times a week do I need to perform the training?
In the 6-week and 8-week courses, the training is done five times a week (only one training per day). A single training lasts about 20 minutes, and it can be performed anytime and anywhere, so it should not have a big effect on your day routine. In individual programs, the number of trainings may be adapted (the number depends on individual goals and capabilities).
Do I need to do squats in order to improve my focus/attention span?
Squats are an integral/essential part of the Neurobeans training, because they gradually improve your focus when done using the Neurobeans tool. To improve your focus, correct performance of the Neurobeans training is key, which means you will have to do some squats.
Can Neurobeans help with ADHD?
The different Neurobeans courses and trainings address problems with attention and help with keeping attention. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a complex chronic neurologic disorder, and its causes may be genetic, neuroanatomic, neurophysiologic, neuropsychologic, environmental etc. The Neurobeans program can help in different ways, such as inhibition training, training for directing attention, learning different strategies, self-observation, boosting confidence etc. However, effects may differ from person to person and results can only be achieved if the trainee is capable of performing the training. It should be emphasized that the program only boosts certain aspects of a person’s development and can NOT replace professional medical treatment. For further consultations, contact us at
Can Neurobeans help with dyslexia?
Dyslexia is a disorder with many symptoms, which include reading difficulties, writing difficulties, and troubles with arithmetic. Studies show that attention training is effective at treating dyslexia. The Neurobeans training can improve attention mechanisms which are integral to reading, writing and calculating (including shared attention, maintaining attention, short-term memory, and fine motor skills).
What if I lose motivation for the training?
A loss of motivation when doing the Neurobeans course is to be expected. A state of boredom and disinterest represents the school or work environment, which enables the trainee to learn how to overcome these feelings. Over the course of the program, every trainee is monitored and supported by a cognitive trainer who helps overcoming low motivation. Together we look for different ways of motivating, and we can design different types of interventions, such as group training, for example. With this kind of encouragement, trainees can continue with the course and achieve great results.
Is the Neurobeans training right for me?/Will the Neurobeans training work for me?
The effect of the Neurobeans program is guaranteed provided that you follow the rules of training and directions from cognitive trainer. You will notice great benefits when working for school or elsewhere soon after the start of the program.
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