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completing the program

I like pretty much everything about it. Neurobeans is a tool which can help you with anything. It can help you with your grades and help you concentrate better at any important task (school or extracurricular activities). After completing my Neurobeans course, I can say that it works. I would recommend the course to anyone who struggles even a little with achieving their goals. Of course, you have to put in the work; you have to follow the rules and do the training regularly (as well as some extra tasks which are in the program). But after that, achieving your goals will become much easier.
8th grade
I found the Neurobeans program great. I would recommend it to anyone because you learn a lot about the learning process, which will come in handy forever. You (greatly) improve your concentration and motor skills because you perform a lot of small movements during the exercise. This is why I would recommend Neurobeans to others.
8th grade
f I’d have to point out one benefit only, I would say that it makes learning much easier. I think the training would benefit people who have trouble learning, or people who learn a lot but don’t know how to use that knowledge.
8th grade
I would say it helped me most with concentration. Focusing on the training and on the colours of the beans got much easier as the program went on. I would recommend Neurobeans to other pupils because the training is interesting, and because you can see benefits even after completing the course.
8th grade
I’d say that I improved my concentration by a lot with the Neurobeans program. I recommend Neurobeans, because the training helps with learning and studying (you’re more motivated to start studying, it’s easier to remember things, easier to focus …) and it also helps with any other activities.
8th grade
I think the Neurobeans program works best for learning how to be persistent and to give a boost in motivation, because you need to try hard/make an effort in every session, no matter the results. I would recommend the Neurobeans program, because it does not take much time, and you don’t need much space but you still get a lot from it.
8th grade
I recommend the Neurobeans training, because it helps with learning/makes learning easier. This was the main reason I took part in the course.
8th grade
If I had to emphasize one benefit, I would say it has made my focus much better. I recommend Neurobeans to anyone who wants to get better grades in difficult subjects, and who would like to do something fun instead of slacking/doing nothing.
8th grade
I’d like to point out that the training helped me greatly with my concentration. For example, I hate maths, and I always struggled with keeping my focus when learning it. But Neurobeans made my attention span much bigger, and now I can study maths much longer and with ease. I recommend the course to anyone, because it would help them with their memory and their concentration levels at work. The training can be very fun and very helpful with any kind of work.
8th grade
I think Neurobeans benefits memory the most. You memorize things better, faster, and more easily. I would definitely recommend Neurobeans to my peers, because the training can greatly benefit you in school. The training even made homework and some subjects more interesting to me.
8th grade
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